Risk Workshops

Simply having risk analysis software does not necessarily mean you have a handle on your project’s risk exposure. There’s a lot more to it than that…

This is where our risk workshop comes in.

Deltek Risk Workshops

A risk workshop is best conducted by an experienced, independent, third party workshop facilitator.

Obtaining knowledgeable, consensus-driven insight into the key risk drivers and areas of most uncertainty is essential to building an accurate risk model. Having a strong blend of risk analytics expertise and the ability to lead a highly energized team during what can be sensitive and controversial discussions regarding threats to a project is paramount.

The Deltek Approach

All too often risk facilitators isolate the project team through the use of complex statistical techniques and jargon.

The Deltek approach couldn’t be more different.

We understand that a project team’s expertise is the project itself – plain and simple.

By using a simple to understand risk gathering technique combined with relevant risk templates, the project team are able to provide clear concise and accurate risk inputs letting us then focus on the advanced analytics and model building behind the scenes.

Deltek’s risk assessment methodology has been used on CAPEX projects totaling over $300 billion, and led to a 10% average reduction in project costs, 20% average schedule acceleration and saw a 91% forecasting accuracy.

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