Learn How to Sell to the U.S. Government

Become a Trusted Adviser to Your Customers

The “Learn How to Sell to the U.S. Government” curricula is an online learning series designed to provide sales professionals new to selling to the U.S. Federal Government or for employees new to the government contracting industry with the foundational knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the market.

Consisting of 3 courses, the series contains carefully curated information, including recent market trends and best practices gleaned from first-hand experience.

Course 1: Understanding the U.S. Federal Government

  • Become familiar with the structure and function of the U.S. Government
  • Gain perspective on and navigate the system of checks and balances
  • Learn about fiscal year budgeting and planning

Course 2: Exploring the Government Market

  • Understand the contracting process and regulations that govern the market
  • Cover the types of contracts and contract vehicles
  • Explore the differences between selling to commercial entities vs. selling to the Federal government
  • Examine the roles of small business and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Course 3: Selling to the Government

  • Recognize market drivers, challenges, and primary competitors in the industry
  • Learn about key decision-makers and their impact on the buying process
  • Gain insight into developing rapport with government contacts and how to become a trusted advisor
  • Know the different resources available for gathering information and finding new opportunities



Gain a Comprehensive Overview of the Industry

Whether you’re looking to increase your personal understanding of the Federal Industry or prepare your team with the knowledge they need.

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