Costpoint HR Solution Suite

Attract, Train, Reward and Retain
Top Talent

The Deltek HR product family gets its best-in-class title by providing robust capabilities throughout the entire HR life cycle — everything from recruiting, onboarding, benefits and open enrollment to learning management, performance management and payroll. The Deltek HR product family helps you manage every step of the employment process, while simultaneously reducing paperwork and improving compliance with important government regulations.

The Deltek HR product family helps your firm by:

  • Saving time – Spend less time on paperwork and administration, and more time attracting and retaining top employee talent
  • Deploying quickly – With a web-based approach, Deltek Costpoint HR is easy to configure and deploy; users can access and change information using a web browser
  • Improving compliance – Address key compliance needs and provide high quality Compensation Planning, Benefits Administration and much more

Offerings available in the Deltek HR product family include:

Costpoint HR

Costpoint HR enables firms to track and maintain critical employee information—including employee name and address, salary information and history, leave statuses, life events, payroll, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), performance reviews and more—throughout the entire employee life cycle with the firm.

Costpoint Employee Self Service

Fast, easy and compliant, the Deltek Employee Self Service module allows employees to make changes to their personal information — such as address, phone numbers, marital status, dependencies, benefit elections and more—on their own, without heavy paperwork burdens on your HR team.

Costpoint Payroll

Costpoint Payroll automatically computes the appropriate payroll amounts for each employee, so your HR resources don’t have to. Taken from salary, deductions, tax tables, garnishments and hours-worked information, Costpoint Payroll allows companies to compute, edit, process and post payroll data while simultaneously tracking and managing all relevant payment information.

Talent Acquisition & On Boarding

With effective candidate tracking and reporting tools, Deltek Talent Management automated system puts the focus back on core recruiting activities — enabling managers to carefully control referral agencies, reduce fees and increase the quality of hires.

Deltek Talent Management helps you automate and manage employee onboarding to address task management, electronic forms management and the successful socialization of new hires to get them billing projects quicker. With integration to Costpoint HR, onboarding new employees has never been faster or easier!

Performance Management

Including competency and skills management, goal setting and performance planning, development planning, performance and appraisal reviews, Deltek Talent Management enables employers to measure individual competencies.

Learning Management

Deltek Talent Management manages the complete spectrum of training types, including e-Learning, Instructor-led training, on-the-job training, meetings, mentoring and assignments. SCORM certified and AICC compliant, Deltek Talent Management provides the ability to view skills gaps, progress and expiring certifications.


Deltek Talent Management provides the framework you need to proactively develop employees, increase employee retention and succession plan for future needs of your organization. Enable managers and employees to develop career paths together. Discover strengths and areas in need of development with a detailed gap analysis, then build development plans to help grow and develop employees.


Your most valuable incentive for motivating and retaining talent is compensation. Deltek Talent Management allows your company to manage employee incentives and HR performance in a more simplified and effective way. Whether you choose to pay for performance or use incentives to drive desired behavior, a comprehensive system to manage the process is an important asset.

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