Manufacturing Execution

Costpoint MES

Costpoint Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides online documentation, work instructions, and routing information for complex project manufacturing environments. Deltek Costpoint MES captures work order status throughout the manufacturing process, and supports quality control and non-conformance findings and results. It also supports as-built configuration, production audit trails, tool and gauge management, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). This enables significant time savings and quality improvement during shop floor manufacturing operations. It also enables greater compliance with government regulations, as well as greater visibility into project statuses and expenditures.

Costpoint Shop Floor Time

Costpoint Shop Floor Time enables the rapid capture of start and stop times for shop floor activities. Shop Floor Time supports complex pay rules and schedules, as well as employee self service scheduling requests and approvals, and tracks attendance, vacation, holiday, illness, and late arrival. Shop floor time and labor are automatically captured as activities are completed, providing an efficient and streamlined process, and far more rapid and accurate project status and cost estimates.

Bar Code Scanning

Deltek customers can leverage bi-directional, real time information exchange between Deltek Costpoint and handheld, voice directed, RFID, PLC, and scale type devices. This information exchange is supported by web services. Customers can choose to leverage existing integration from Deltek partner RFgen Software for this purpose, or can use the web services to integrate Costpoint with other bar code and scanner technology on their own or with the help of Deltek Global Services.





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