For the Government Community

Providing Government with Vital Intelligence to Make Effective Procurement Decisions

Through the GovWin Government Community, you can:

  • Gain visibility into different vendors performance and see which contracts they have been awarded
  • Save research time in pricing evaluation by reviewing prices on awarded contracts from other agencies and states
  • Find out which governments employ a technology you are preparing to pursue
  • Communicate with government program managers about lessons learned and vendor experiences
  • See how other states rated vendors by viewing solicitation evaluations

Free access for government employees to:

  • Over 1.3 million company profiles
  • Over 480 organization charts of government agencies
  • Nearly 2 million federal and state and local contacts
  • Over 3.2 million labor rates from federal contracts
  • Updates on thousands of active procurements
  • Thousands of awarded RFPs
  • And much more...

In the GovWin Government Community you will have access to:

  • Upcoming, current, and past solicitations from other federal, state and local governments
  • Contact information and detailed org charts for other government program managers, offices, technology professionals, CIOs, elected officials, and agency executives
  • Government labor rates covering programs, contracts and different vendors
  • Profiles of federal agencies and state governments detailing procurement regulations
  • Profiles of federal agencies and state governments outlining the technology priorities of other agencies and states
  • Profiles of agency and state technology environments by program
  • A Document library providing copies of past solicitations, technology plans, strategic and roadmap documents for federal, state and local programs
  • The Largest news aggregation service focused on government technology

In addition to creating the GovWin Government Community for Federal, State & Local Government employees, GovWin can also assist Government teams as they go through the sometime arduous process of finding suppliers, vendors, and bidders.

GovWin can create a variety of solutions for your Government agency. Two recent examples of how we assisted Government agencies find partners are below:

US Forest Service

The Forest Service was looking to industry for ideas on how to re-invent and deliver an online reservation portal - a joint effort between 21 federal agencies. By tapping into the GovWin community of 2,800 companies and 60,000 individual users, GovWin was able to use multiple techniques to increase vendor interest in the opportunity and help ensure the agency accomplishes its mission for the contract's next iteration. GovWin worked with the Forest Service to create baseline marketing that described the agency's challenges moving forward, but well in advance of the contract end period. This gave the agency plenty of time to work with side-by-side with vendors to collaborate on a shared vision. A free webcast to the GovWin community promoted and encouraged attendance at an agency outreach event that would provide further information on the up-coming opportunity. GovWin's close collaboration with the Program Manager ensured the proper message was broadcast to the right individuals and ultimately helped to drive industry interest and help Government fulfill its mission.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

For the US Department of Veterans Affairs, GovWin recently produced an Industry Forum live event. The event allowed acquisition and program specialists from the VA to discuss their technology priorities and challenges and key upcoming initiatives in a broad, open environment filled with companies looking to assist in solving agency challenges. In addition to producing the event, GovWin leveraged their extensive network of government contractors to drive record attendance and exhibitors for the event, insuring the VA received a large, diverse audience.

What can GovWin do for you?

The possibilities are endless and more importantly, FREE, for our Government partners.

We look forward to hearing from you today at (800) 456-2009 or to see how we can work with you and your team to design a solution to assist you in finding the right partners today!