Boost Productivity with the Power of Social Collaboration

Get Results When You Get Things Done – Together!

Businesses that have more collaborative and engaged employees are more successful. Kona is the virtual equivalent of an open office environment for your organization. Employees will feel more connected while sharing ideas more freely. Innovating and solving more problems quickly. Reduce useless meetings. Optimize brainstorming. Simplify file sharing. Keep everyone informed – and engaged. Find out how Kona Business can change the way people get things done together!

Kona makes organizations more efficient, agile and successful by bringing together people, projects and technology.

One destination that keeps teams organized

  • Stay Organized With Spaces
    Kona provides spaces for teams to communicate in the context of discussion topics, tasks, calendar events, and files. Invite the people you’re working with and begin collaborating with teams, groups or clients. It’s easy!
  • File Integration
    Facilitation of communication around files, regardless of where they originate or prefer to exist. Kona integrates with Drop Box, Box, and Google Docs, and can accept SharePoint links. Or of course you can upload files directly to Kona.
  • Project Tasks
    One common view of team tasks and a shared project calendar replaces the challenges of task tracking spreadsheets and wasted time in status meetings.

Maximize productivity by streamlining routines and processes

  • Empty Your In-box
    There is a better way than email. Quickly discuss topics or chat around tasks, meetings, events and files—all with context. Keep track of decisions made, notes taken and people accountable. With instant messaging and efficiency like that, what else do you need?
  • Tracking Tasks Efficiently
    There’s no need for a tracking tasks and to-do’s elsewhere in some disconnected way, whether they are shared tasks in a group or just something you need to get done on your own.
  • Collaboration Templates
    Kona collaboration templates are published spaces that help teams get started and complete repeatable projects and processes in a consistent way. Your company's private gallery of space templates connects people to the knowledge of how to execute with the people that need it.

IT retains full control while empowering users

  • Secure & Private
    Kona provides a consumer app feel and experience that users easily adopt while providing the rigor around security and privacy that IT expects from a cloud based product. From the user interface and permissions model through the architectural and physical systems design, Kona reflects our passion for security and privacy.
  • Powerful Management Tools
    Manage everything within your business account, including members and administrators, spaces and data. You’ll be able to control permissions, add storage at any time, backup all contents and even integrate Kona into your business suite of tools to work together easily.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    And when you add everything up, the total cost of ownership for Kona will surprise you. Maintenance costs are lower. There’s no need for expensive customizations. Adoptions rates are higher. And the Kona Platform lets you plug Kona into other applications with ease. Kona is a winner for IT.