Deltek PM Compass

The Industry-Leading Project Management Platform Designed Specifically For Program Managers and Project Leaders

Being blind-sided by project surprises that stem from a lack of visibility, process inconsistency and untrustworthy data is the last thing project teams need. Yet within the world of program management, organizations are still struggling to effectively manage the complex programs that contain equally complex relationships and countless moving parts—all because they lack a single, centralized platform to integrate information and keep projects on track.

PM Compass Whiteboard 
View the PM Compass Whiteboard to see how the platform benefits VPs, CAMs and Sub-contractors

PM Compass, an innovative new addition to Deltek’s project management suite of solutions, provides all the tools to view and manage complex programs from one central location. Deltek PM Compass is the industry’s first project management platform specifically designed and built with program managers and project teams in mind. Complete with role-based dashboards and built-in data mining capabilities, Deltek PM Compass is the “command center” where practitioners can effectively monitor and control complex, inter-connected projects from the convenience of a single, centralized view.

PM Compass will:

  • Increase visibility and control
  • Reduce your surprises that cause delays and cost overruns
  • Increase accountability and overall efficiency within your organization
  • Provide one version of the truth for all project information
  • Maintain consistency and predictability in project processes—therefore reducing program risks
  • Foster higher levels of communication and collaboration for key stakeholders throughout the organization

PM Compass delivers the project control and visibility you need to ensure that your business can effectively monitor multiple, complexly inter-connected projects—all while remaining focused on project success.