Deltek wInsight Analytics

Integrated Project Management Tools

  • Explore and discover project performance in a natural and intuitive way
  • Know your audit vulnerabilities before finalizing your data
  • Easily share project/program/portfolio information with dynamic dashboards
  • Enhanced performance analysis and validation criteria ensures you can trust your data
  • Simplify OMB 300 BY09 reporting

Deltek wInsight Analytics delivers the tools Control Account Managers, Project Managers and Project Controls’ Analysts need to quickly and easily assess program or project performance with just a few clicks. An elegant and intuitive user interface simplifies data discovery, equipping your firm to achieve more in less time.

wInsight Analytics harnesses the power of an associative data model to make discovering information more intuitive and faster. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) that requires a rigid hierarchy and only allows drill down or drill up capabilities, wInsight Analytics provides a flexible hierarchy that encourages drilling up, drilling down and drilling around for fast, insightful data discovery.

Users can navigate and interact with data any way they want to - they are not limited to just following predefined drill paths or using preconfigured dashboards. This revolutionary data architecture unleashes the power of your data, and invites users to ask and answer streams of questions on their own and in groups and teams, forging new paths to insight and decision.

This highly-scalable system easily integrates with a wide range of project management tools to provide a common database for analysis and reporting on all projects across your entire organization:

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