Management & IT Consulting

For government contractors focused on management and IT consulting, projects are steeped in complexity, cost containment and compliance. The ability to deliver on-time, in-scope and under budget is essential but made ever-more challenging by the constant potential for change in resources, requirements and priorities. The only elements under your control are your own internal processes. While that may sound straightforward to optimize, we know it isn't.

At Deltek we've been focused on the enterprise software and information solutions to support management and IT consulting organizations for more than 20 years. We've leveraged our in-depth knowledge to develop solutions that help manage and improve business processes for consulting firms. From quick and easy project creation, to detailed project and resource planning, efficient project delivery, detailed progress follow-up, handling the project economy and reporting and business intelligence we help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies, optimize resources and maintain compliance.

Deltek solutions for management and IT consulting span the entire project lifecycle from Business Development and Capture Management to Business Performance Management; Financial Management; Governance, Risk & Compliance; Human Capital Management; Project Management; Information Solutions; and Teaming Solutions.

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