Project Management

Professional services firms are dealing with increasingly complex projects that may include multiple partners and subcontractors, clients across the country or the globe, mandatory regulatory compliance, and a complex web of schedules and fees. As the number of variables increases so does the difficulty of maintaining visibility and control. In today's highly competitive environment you can't afford any blind spots. You need to manage your projects with the right kind of project and integrated project management tools—the kind that keep a keen eye on profitability and on-time delivery.

Deltek's project management solutions were designed with the unique challenges of professional services firms in mind. By delivering fully integrated project management tools, we’re able to focus on project control and project insight across all stages and processes in the project lifecycle—meaning that you can always act on facts. Unlike any other solution suite available today, Deltek’s project management solutions do it all, even mitigate risk and loss of profitability through purpose-built project risk management software.   

From winning new business, to executing projects and satisfying customers, professional services firms of all sizes rely on Deltek's project management software to help staff across the organization contribute to project success.

Deltek's project management solutions help professional services firms:

Improve Project Profitability:

  • Capture all project costs and fees in real time
  • Receive proactive alerts on issues and variances so you can act quickly to resolve problems
  • Automate budget creation and project billing to reduce errors and administrative overhead

Gain Control:

  • Streamline conversion of won sales opportunities into projects
  • Track and manage project progress, staff load, and utilization with comprehensive project business intelligence
  • Manage complexity at all levels with complete flexibility of project plans and budgets

Increase Visibility:

  • Close and analyze projects for better insight into where to focus business development
  • Understand actual costs versus project plans for accurate rolling forecasts and make adjustments as needed
  • Improve project oversight by streamlining collaboration and information sharing across a distributed project team